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a welcome from our head of school

Welcome The Oaks School! 

Welcome to The Oaks School in Charlotte, North Carolina — an innovative, academically excellent and Christ-centered school in Charlotte, North Carolina! I like to say The Oaks School is a new model for a new generation of students. The school was established with a vision to educate children in the ways they were designed to learn. Through our small class sizes, active and collaborative curriculum, and commitment to learning readiness, we have established a unique model that meets the needs and learning styles of modern children. 


We want students at The Oaks School to become lifelong, multi-dimensional learners and we work to establish spiritual truths, habits of mind, and essential skills for a lifetime. Our model builds active learners and thinkers, and through the use of readiness rooms, ensures each student is able to learn at his or her full potential each period of the day. In K-4, we are a screen-free school, (from a student perspective) and in older grades we rarely, if ever, use technology as the primary means of instruction. Our active, engaging, and collaborative lessons occur in classrooms that are set up for movement, physical connection with lessons, and communication among peers and with faculty. At The Oaks School, we engage students’ natural curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity and we teach them to apply those skills in their daily lives. 


I have spent nearly all of my personal and professional life in education, and I am convinced The Oaks School offers a unique, relevant, and effective model for educating the whole child, for his or her whole life. We would love for you to come see how we are pioneering this new methodology for a new generation. I look forward to meeting you!


All my best,

Dr. Daniel C. Sturdevant, Ed.D

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Year-Round Calendar