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What is the schedule at The Oaks?


A typical school day at The Oaks will begin with student drop-off with their Home Room Shepherd between the time of 8:15-8:25.  The experiential days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, running from 8:30-2:00, with pickup from 2:00-2:15.   We operate year-round, on an average schedule of 4 weeks in session and one week out, with longer holidays (roughly 3 weeks) at Christmas and in the summer.  We believe that a year-round education promotes and develops a love of learning for children from an early age, increases retention, and offers a better pattern for instruction than a traditional calendar as well.

​​What happens on Fridays?

On Friday's we will either do service projects or have expeditionary learning opportunities. Friday's are not mandatory, but highly encouraged, as a way to experience and serve our community at large. We will partner with specific local charities, serving in various capacities such as providing material aid for refugees, food for the homeless, or packing gifts for missionaries overseas.  Fridays are also for the whole family! Our desire is that we enter into the lives of others, shifting our focus off ourselves and recognizing the needs, experiences, and differences in others, while providing opportunities to serve and to recognize that we are all image-bearers of our Creator.

What are the grade levels currently offered at The Oaks?

At The Oaks, we believe in potential and excellence. This caries over into the decision to offer grades K-3 for this coming school year beginning in the fall of 2018. The Oaks plans to grow an additional grade level with each passing year.

Is The Oaks an enlarged homeschool co-op? 


Is The Oaks a traditional school? 


What makes The Oaks different? 

There are a handful of aspects of “learning lifestyle” that set The Oaks apart as different. 

Class size: There are no more than 8 students to a class. However, there can be multiple classes for that age level. 

The Homeroom Shepherd: A child at The Oaks will have a Home Room Shepherd for the entirety of their scholastic year. This Shepherd has a background in education as well as child development and behavior. They will understand your child as a holistic child - mind, body, heart and soul. 

Experiential Environments: Rather than having one teacher educate a large classroom of students through an entire year’s worth of curriculum, The Oaks has educators gifted and passionate in their primary area of study impart wisdom and a love of learning through Experiential Environments. In these environments, educators transform the space into an atmosphere conducive for hands-on, trial and error, curiosity cultivation and creative innovation. Moreover, because our educators of specified environments focus on their passion, they teach to the skill level of the children entering into their space. These educator will know your child not just as a Kindergartner, but also as a 2nd grader, and beyond.

Home Room Shepherd and Environment Educator Combination: At The Oaks, your child will be taught to his or her skill level. In these environments, there are two educators at all times: the Environment Educator and the Home Room Shepherd. The Environment Educator is the primary and the Home Room Shepherd serves as a way to meet the needs of students challenges and strengths. At The Oaks, no child slips through the cracks and all children are seen, heard and validated.

Readiness Rooms: We understand the importance of a child's readiness to learn. A body and mind in a centered and calm state has been proven to be a better receptor and retainer of new information and a better recaller of previously acquired information. In our Readiness Rooms, the time to get from one subject to the next subject is seen as an opportunity to equip and empower children. These rooms are filled with items and tools for realignment. There are trampolines, swings, spinning boards, weighted balls, plush seating, quiet nooks and supervisors trained in occupational therapy and child development who encourage children to discover their own methods for realignment.

Biblical Worldview: At The Oaks we teach a Biblically based curriculum. All subject interconnect. What is being taught in math is being reiterated from a different angle in Language Arts, all with the foundation rooted in the Word of God. Your child will receive an exceptional, accredited and interdisciplinary curriculum infused with truths from the absolute truth - the Bible.

What criteria is required for educator employment?


Home Room Shepherds are required to have an education degree as well as in room experience with elementary aged children. Environmental Educators are required to have an education degree, as well as a passion for learning in one or more areas of specificity, creativity and innovation and a desire to educate in a way that will cultivate and nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime. All employees understand and agree to educate from The Oaks' Statement of Faith.

Do we have homework?

At The Oaks, we believe that family provides an integral part of a child’s love of learning and we see educators and families as a partnership. As such, homework will be assigned in low volume, but will be designed to be completed with parents or siblings, and will provide opportunities for skill and content mastery and for students to demonstrate skills and understanding to others, and allow families to share directly in the learning experience.

Is The Oaks church affiliated? 

No. We are an independent faith based school, but are not affiliated with any church or denomination.

How old or young does my child have to be in order to apply for admittance at The Oaks? 

Students will undergo an admissions assessment to best determine their needs. Our grades currently offered are K-3.


Will students be required to wear uniforms? 

No. However, there are guidelines for dress during the school day and on Friday.  Details are found in the Family handbook.

Is The Oaks accredited? 

We are in the process, but will need a brief period of initial operations before we will meet full eligibility.

Will there be a family/sibling discount? 

Yes, this will be percentage based on tuition and individual family needs. If you have further questions, please contact us directly through email.

Does The Oaks have an early drop-off or late pick-up policy?


We do not.  Drop-off begins at 8:15 am, and pick-up begins at 2:00 pm.  The shorter school day of The Oaks is intentional, and along with our policy of limited homework, it allows more time for our students to participate in age-appropriate play, family events, and outdoor time.


Does The Oaks provide any financial aid or scholarships?


Yes, The Oaks does offer financial aid.  Applications should be made through FACTS, our tuition management system.  Unfortunately, not all demonstrated need can be met at all times.  However, The Oaks prioritizes accessibility to our unique model, and we steward our resources accordingly so that we may meet as much need as possible.


Does The Oaks have a vaccination policy for students?


Yes.  The Oaks requires that all students be current on their vaccination schedule, as recommended by the CDC prior to their first day on campus.  Exceptions will only be made in cases of medical necessity with supporting documentation from a board-certified pediatrician.


What curriculum does The Oaks employ?


One of the blessings of being a new school, having a small population, and delivering an uncommon educational model is that we are not married to one particular curriculum, textbook, or course of study in any subject area. Rather, we prefer to remain flexible and able to respond to the needs of individual students in the classroom. What that looks like in practice is that we have a blend of curricula in each subject that is delivered by dedicated faculty who differentiate their instruction as student successes and challenges dictate. Faculty at The Oaks are given agency over their instruction, responsibility for delivering and leading innovative lessons, and the opportunity to create an engaging culture of learning through whichever curriculum, text, and materials they believe will be most effective.


What is The Oaks’ student profile?


At The Oaks, we believe that each one of our students was created in God’s image with unique and varied talents, skills, and abilities.  As such, we don't have a typical student, but we were established to serve the typically developing student. Whether academically and intellectually gifted, socially adept, or creative and curious - or all of the above - The Oaks provides an education that is designed to meet the needs of this generation of students in innovative ways.


Unfortunately, The Oaks is not able to meet the needs of students with significant learning differences or specific diagnoses that would require significant classroom or curricular modifications, but there are many wonderful options in Charlotte that we can recommend.

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The school does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color or national origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid policies, employment practices or other school-administered programs.