Hannah Abbott

Learning Readiness Consultant

A.S. Greenville Technical College

Abby Adams

Kindergarten Home Room Shepherd

B.S.W. NC State University

Kim Adams

2-4 Math Teacher

B.A. SUNY Oswego, M.Ed., SUNY Cortland

Elizabeth Banks

2-4 Science Teacher

B.A. UNC Chapel Hill

Martha Bonner

Learning Readiness Consultant

A.S. Brown Mackey, B.S. Auburn University

Mary Lou Capan


Curriculum and Instruction Consultant

B.S. Carlow University

M.Ed. Covenant College

Administrative Assistant

B.S. Liberty University

B.A. North Dakota State University

Allie Folkerts

Kindergarten Home Room Shepherd

B.A. North Dakota State University

Emily Cooper

K-1 Reading Teacher

A.B. UNC Chapel Hill, M.Ed. UNC Chapel Hill

Mary Len Cutter

Music Teacher

B.A. UNC Chapel Hill

Kristin Dickey

2-4 Writing Teacher

B.A. Randolph Macon, M.Ed. Queens University

Mary Kathryn Fashjian

2-4 Reading Teacher

B.A. UNC Chapel Hill

Language and Culture Teacher

B.A. Messiah College

Daniel Miele

Physical Education Teacher

B.A. Columbia International University

2nd Grade Homeroom Shepherd

B.A. Wheaton College

Kelly Keller

Tess McDonald

Becky Meleney

K-1 Writing Teacher

B.A. UNC Chapel Hill

Annie Kelly

K-1 Math Teacher

B.S. Elon University

Deborah Neuhs

Art Teacher

B.A. Queens University

Amy Philipp

Admissions Coordinator and Assistant to HOS

B.A. UNC Chapel Hill

Erica Stroup

K-8 Principal

B.S. Ohio University

M.Ed Liberty University

K-1 Science Teacher

B.S. Lehigh University, B.A. Lehigh University, Ph.D. UNC Chapel Hill

Christa Sturdevant

Dan Sturdevant

Head of School

B.A. Wheaton College, M.A. Duke University, Ed.D. UNC Chapel Hill

Sidney Youngs

1st Grade Home Room Shepherd

B.A. Gordon College

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