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Year-Round Calendar

Year-Round Calendar

experiential environments

At The Oaks School, our classrooms are meant to be messy.  They're not disorganized or haphazard, but they have been designed and arranged as learning environments, where faculty will engage student learning through all of their senses.  In these environments, children receive 20% instruction and 80% hands-on, project-based, experiential, multi-sensory learning. Children are taught that learning can happen in myriad ways, and they build skills and confidence by taking an active role in their own instruction. This approach offers our environment educators the freedom to innovate and create an active and uncommon learning environment where children's curiosity is cultivated, and a love of learning is continually nurtured.

Learning Readiness

We want to be sure that no child begins a lesson without first being ready to learn.  A student who is physically calm, socially connected, and cognitively organized has been proven to have better reception and retention of new information as well as improved recall. Our faculty and staff are experts in learning readiness and employ proven and relevant strategies throughout the day.  Our classrooms are filled with items and tools designed to promote learning readiness. 

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is different at The Oaks School.

homeroom shepherds

A distinctive feature of The Oaks School is the role of our Homeroom Shepherds.  Each Homeroom Shepherd oversees one class in a specific grade level and  is responsible for that class throughout the day. The Homeroom Shepherds travel with students from each Educational Environment to the Readiness Room, serving in a student-facing, advocacy role.  Overall, it is the responsibility of the Homeroom Shepherd to know and support each student in their class. The Shepherd knows how each child prefers to learn, and also where they struggle.  They are ready to motivate, encourage, and guide students throughout the day.  The Oaks School is committed to ensuring that each of our students is fully known and fully loved.  Our Homeroom Shepherds are an essential part of that promise.

Educational Philosophy

We are an active and experiential learning environment, where a love of learning is cultivated. We desire excellence in depth and breadth. Students receive a Christ-centered education with a varied, engaging, and active curriculum. We employ a year-round schedule for the school year.  In practice, this looks like four weeks "on" and one week "off," with a 3 week break at Christmas and the month of July off. We also believe that children learn best in small classes, and we maintain the lowest student-to-teacher ratio in the area.  Part of our efforts to  educate the whole child is our service learning curriculum.  8 Fridays per year are dedicated to offering Oaks' families the chance to serve our community at large with established, local, non-profit organizations and various ministries around Charlotte.

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The school does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color or national origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid policies, employment practices or other school-administered programs.