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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

A frequent question on tours and admissions visits is: “What kind of student is best suited for The Oaks?”

The answer is somewhat less succinct. At The Oaks, we believe that each one of our students was created in God’s image and is blessed with unique and varied talents, skills, and abilities. The Oaks is equipped and prepared to serve typically developing students (meaning students who meet/exceed intellectual and developmental milestones for their age) though within that range, we admit students with myriad interests, activities, and educational backgrounds. We have a model of school that is designed to reach, engage, and grow students with a variety of strengths.

Indeed, as a school that believes each child is unique, we have established a model that allows students to thrive in an environment that is differentiated and geared toward enhancing individual strengths while overcoming challenges. Whether a child is academically gifted, socially adept, or creative and curious - or all of the above - The Oaks provides an education that is designed to meet their needs in innovative ways. As such, we don't have an ideal or model student.

Our model is built to engage students in each of the primary ways they learn (visually, auditorily, or kinesthetically), and to build their confidence and aptitude in each area as well. Our lessons are created to engage and expand skills and knowledge, and to build confidence and persistence. We work to facilitate our students’ transformations into complete learners, equally comfortable in an outdoor classroom, a science lab, or a lecture hall.

We are committed to serving our students at The Oaks in all the ways they need and deserve, and unfortunately, The Oaks is not able to meet the needs of students with substantial learning differences and/or specific diagnoses requiring significant modifications. However, if we are unable to effectively serve the needs of an applicant, there are several wonderful schools in Charlotte that we can recommend with enthusiasm.

With our dedicated faculty, a clear vision for the future, and curricula designed for uncommon learning, we endeavor to serve each of our students and families with excellence in all areas of school life. We are a new model of school for a new generation of students, and we invite you to come and see our distinctives in a tangible way. Please email or call to schedule a visit: 980.242.9933

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The school does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color or national origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid policies, employment practices or other school-administered programs.