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There is a growing trend in the professional world to create something called “activity-based working.” Essentially, it is a repudiation of traditional office environments in favor of workplaces that consist of varied seating options and different motifs and decors. The argument is that less formal spaces allow for more face-to-face interaction, which in turn, sparks greater collaboration and better communication among employees, and a more content and engaged workforce.

In a study of activity-based workplaces (ABW) Arundell (2018) concluded that: “There were significant, meaningful, and beneficial intervention effects [including]... frequency of eating lunch with colleagues, and satisfaction with the physical environment in ABW compared to comparison participants. Qualitative data suggested that ABW employees associated ABW with greater opportunities for movement and collaboration.” In ABWs, employees appreciate the opportunity to move about throughout their day; they run into colleagues they otherwise may not see, and they are more satisfied with their workplace than traditional office or open-office cubicle employees are.

So, how does this translate to The Oaks? Well, one of the key findings as to why ABW increases employee satisfaction is that it allows for freedom to move. Think how many commercials, movies, or television shows highlight the doldrums of a desk job or a cubicle in exaggerated ways, while spaces where collaboration occur, or that encourage moving while working, are celebrated? Schools are no different. If employers are realizing they cannot ask adults who are being paid to sit still and remain sedentary throughout the workday, it’s not reasonable to ask a child is to do the same. Too often students are required to sit at a desk all day, in the same room, with an emphasis on being still! This is not the case at The Oaks.

Our active learning model is based upon how kids were created to learn. It is filled with movement, collaboration, and learning. We are screen-free in elementary school, encouraging face-to-face communication, cooperation, and further social development. Students also rotate to several different learning environments throughout the day, with different set-ups, seating options, and opportunities to learn from different faculty, who are passionate and articulate in their fields. Our small class sizes allow for deep learning and relationships, and for uncommon opportunities to pursue passions, interests, and ideas within our rigorous curriculum.

We know that our model is something special, and we’d love for you to come see it for yourself. Please visit our open houses on October 22, November 12, or January 21, or let us know when we can schedule your personal tour!

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