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MIssion and Vision


The Oaks exists to develop and nurture the whole child - mind, body, and spirit - as an image bearer of God through experiential environments, an active curriculum infused with Biblical truths, and an overall philosophy that advocates for the mental, social and emotional development of children.


The Oaks desires to create a learning lifestyle for children that develops through a love of learning.

Beliefs and Aspirations

We Believe:

  • that God is the one true, living God and Creator of all;

  • that the Holy Bible is the inerrant written word of God;

  • that God has entrusted us with the gift of His children;

  • that children are whole beings - mind, body, and spirit;

  • that schools and families are complimentary influences in a child's education;

  • that children thrive with smaller class sizes, shorter school days, and an age-appropriate curriculum;

  • that learning should be lifelong;

  • that education should involve all of the senses engaged in an active and experiential environment.

We Aspire for our students:

  • to seek, enjoy, and glorify Jesus Christ daily;

  • to honor their parents and serve their communities;

  • to be in the world, not of the world, and to excel in the areas of their calling;

  • to go into the world confidently using their unique gifts to glorify Him;

  • to embrace learning as a gift and to build lifelong habits of mind.

Year-Round Calendar

Year-Round Calendar

Our distinctives


Active Learning Model

Learning Readiness

Year-Round Calendar

Weekly Expeditionary

Learning Opportunities

about the oaks

We are a Christ-centered, independent school with a focus on excellent academics, character development, and establishing a strong spiritual foundation.

Home Room Shepherds steward the spiritual and character growth of students throughout the day.

Our active learning model ensures that at least 80% of classroom time is experiential, hands-on learning.

Class sizes are small by design and allow for strong relationships and exceptional learning opportunities.

All students utilize a dedicated readiness room several times per day, where our trained staff ensures that students are ready to learn each time they step into the classroom.

Fridays at The Oaks are enrichment days, including art, music, language, and physical education.  Additionally, on 8 Fridays per year, we have the opportunity to serve our neighbors in Charlotte through our service-learning curriculum.

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Active Learning

Service Learning